AutoExcluder – Conversion Enhancer for Google Ads Shopping Campaigns


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Maximize Your Google Ads Efficiency with the “AutoExclude – Conversion Enhancer for Google Ads Shopping Campaigns” Script.

Elevate your digital marketing strategy with the “Campaign Keyword Optimizer,” a Google Ads script designed for precision and performance. This advanced tool analyzes search query data from your campaigns that convert. 

Here’s how it works: the script retrieves search terms that led to conversions and assesses the length of each term. For shorter queries (less than 10 words), it automatically adds these as negative keywords to your ad groups in the medium priority campaign, allowing you to bid higher when these keywords trigger in the low priority campaign. 

Key Features:

  • Automatic negative keyword implementation for converting search terms
  • Detailed logging for transparency and control over the keyword exclusion process
  • Customizable campaign selection based on specific naming conventions

Perfect for marketers aiming to streamline their campaign management and improve ROI, the AutoExcluder script is your go-to solution for smarter, more cost-effective Google Ads management.



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