AutoExcluder – Performance Enhancer for Google Ads Shopping Campaigns


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The “AutoExclude: Performance Enhancer for Google Ads Standard Shopping Campaigns” script is a sophisticated tool designed for use in Google Ads Accounts to optimize shopping campaigns. It filters out performing search queries from the high-priority campaign so that you can target them in a medium-priority campaign with a medium bidding strategy.

This allows you to bid very low on the high-priority campaign vs. medium-priority campaign.

The script automatically analyzes search query performance data over the last 30 days, applying criteria such as a minimum click-through rate (CTR) and a threshold of impressions, which you can define in the settings.

Key functionalities include:

  1. Dynamic Search Query Analysis: Extracts and processes data from the SEARCH_QUERY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT based on specified campaign filters, focusing on enabled campaigns with relevant metrics.
  2. Selective Keyword Management: This process evaluates each search term’s performance. If the term’s CTR exceeds the set threshold and the query consists of fewer than 10 words, it proceeds to manage keywords effectively.
  3. Negative Keyword Implementation: This automatically adds performing search terms (based on your defined CTR and minimum impressions) as negative keywords to specific ad groups, ensuring they are excluded from triggering ads in the high-priority campaign and allowing the excluded keyword to be triggered in the medium-performing campaign. 

This script is a game-changer for advertisers seeking to enhance ad performance. By minimizing wasteful spending on ineffective search queries, streamlining campaign management, and improving return on investment, it ensures your ad spending is optimized for maximum efficiency.



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