Advanced Structured Data Schema Markup For Shopify



Unlock the Full Potential of Your Structured Data with FeedArmy Advanced: Elevate Your Google Search results to New Heights! Explore the exclusive benefits and advanced features of FeedArmy’s paid structured data for shopify version, designed to provide unparalleled support compared to our free offering. Discover the difference and see why chosing FeedArmy Advanced is the strategic choice for superior search results and Google Merchant Center support.

Free One Time Installation & Cleanup Service.

The cleanup service is where I remove or disable all old structured data coding in the theme. However, on rare occasions, you may use an app with theme extensibility, which does not allow me to remove the coding. In this case, you need to disable the app’s structured data function or remove the app entirely. But I should be able to guide you which one it is.



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  •  Auto Currency Detection
  •  Reviews
    • JudgeMe
    • Shopify (SPR)
    • Loox
    • Okenda
    • Opinew
    • Ryviu
    • Stamped
    • Yotpo
    • Anything not listed can be requested
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Comparison (Paid vs Free)

 Paid  Free
 Product Details  Product Details
 Shipping Details  Shipping Details
 Return Policy  Return Policy
 Auto Currency Detection  Auto Currency Detection
 Reviews (full list below)  Shopify Reviews
 Variant Details
 Free Installation Service
 Free Updates For All V4.01 – V4.99


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