Google Ads Performance Max Data Integration Script for Google Merchant Center


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Current version 2.06

Optimize your Google Ads campaigns with precision using our innovative script to seamlessly send your Performance Max (PMax) campaign data to Google Merchant Center. This powerful tool is essential for advertisers seeking to create advanced, rule-based campaign setups that enhance campaign efficacy and targeting.
With this script, effortlessly automate the merging of two distinct PMax campaigns —one targeting non-converting products and the other focusing on converting ones. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your PMax performance over periods of 30, 60, 90 days, or more, delivering all essential data into an easily accessible Google Spreadsheet.
This spreadsheet acts as a supplementary feed into Google Merchant Center, where you can establish intricate feed rules based on key metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through rates, conversion value, return on ad spend (ROAS), and cost, all sorted by custom attributes. Set conditions such as assigning ‘converting’ or ‘non-converting’ labels based on conversion metrics, enabling tailored campaign strategies.
Moreover, our script includes a unique feature for merging campaign data. If a product initially labeled as non-converting starts converting, the merged data in the spreadsheet updates, reflecting sales accurately and allowing for real-time campaign adjustments.
Unlock the full potential of your Google Ads with this script, designed to bring precision and efficiency to your digital marketing efforts.


Merge Multiple Campaigns Sheet

If you have multiple different campaigns, for example 5 campaigns each with different products, when targeting 1 country. You can use the below spreadsheet to merge data. Please view the video instructions for the explenation or click here:

Spreadsheet example:


Q: Some Products Are Not Listed?

A: Only products with an impression will show.

Change Log

  • 26th April 2024
    • Updated merging issues, now products from both campaigns will be merged correctly.


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